Q. What is Team 32?
A. Team 32 is the 32 Leaves music street team. Members of the music Team32 get special emails in which they're let in on happenings and breakthroughs with the band before everyone else. They will be the first to hear and receive new music and they get to be part of special invitations and contests. (However, you don't need to be a member of Team32 to help out.)

Q. How can I get involved?
A. Do any of the following:
*Write a review for your zine/site
*Download and use 32 Leaves music buddy icons.
*Download and use 32 Leaves desktop wallpapers.
*Download, print and hand out your own 32 Leaves flyers for upcoming live shows in your area and get them into your local record stores, schools, book stores, coffee shops, etc.
*Surf the web, find rock webzines, and ask them to put a link to our webpage.
*Burn CD, DVD, Blu-ray disks with our logo icons.
*Try to get our banner on any site or host the banner yourself.
*Message boards! These are great tools for getting MP3 downloads and getting people to visit our site.

Q: Wanna sign up?
A: Just send an e-mail to band with the subject: "sign me up!". Please send all e-mails

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